The Gazillium Music Machine in Southend

In collaboration with English Chamber Orchestra, Close Encounters, the team at LPBN have been busy working with Music-on-Sea in Southend.

On 18th July, over 450 students from the local area were invited to watch Sophia Thakur and Sally Herbert perform The Gazillium Music Machine supported by the English Chamber Orchestra.  For many pupils and students this would be their first time watching a live orchestra. 

Determined to breakdown the barriers between performers and young people, behind this amazing performance was substantial education project delivered in eight Southend Schools. 

Working with young people from year 5 and year 9, the composition team at LPBN delivered classroom composition projects to whole year groups. Each class or group created their own musical work inspired by the Gazillium story.  Lessons in composition evolved into performance practice and on the morning of the 18th July, the eight schools performed eleven student works supported by a quintet of ECO musicians.

During the afternoon, ahead of the main performance the participating students were treated to a rare opportunity to hear the ECO perform the student compositions in specially commissioned arrangements.  Having the opportunity to take the musical ideas of the pupils and students and arrange for their compositions to be performed by the professional musicians of the ECO was a thrilling experience for all involved. The team were delighted to look on as pupils heard their work played back to them by a wonderful group of musicians.

The Southend Gazillium project was the perfect example of how LPBN with the help of the ECO are determined to shake up the idea of what music in education means. 

Please get in touch if you would like more information about how we can help make experiences happen like this for your organisation. 

The Billy’s Band Team!