LCS 2024: CultureDale ‘The Place I Love’

Halifax schools celebrate 'The Place I Love' in the CultureDale edition of the 2024 Lights, Camera, Score Project!

For six months the Lights Camera Score team, in conjunction with the English Chamber Orchestra (ECO), delivered eight primary school projects as part of the CultureDale initiative. Eight films for this project were developed around the theme of, ‘The Place I Love’.

Pupils participating on the project were able to perform their composition alongside members of the English Chamber Orchestra at a very special concert at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.

Songs were featured at the end of each of the student stories and we are delighted to present those songs accompanied by animated extracts from the films. 

Congratulations once again to all the young performers and thank you to the wonderful musicians of the ECO.

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‘The Place I Love’ Films

‘The Place I Love’ Songs

 Lights Camera CultureDale has been supported by the English Chamber Orchestra, Calderdale Council, The D’Orly Carte Charitable Trust with Lottery Funding from Arts Council England.

The Billy’s Band Team!