Lights, Camera, Score Project!

Making music with an environmental twist.​

Dan Newell, creator of Billy’s Band is excited to have been working with THAMES (Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Service) and Rich Mix on four films for the ‘Pic ‘n’ Mix – Green Tower Hamlets’ project presented in association with Chocolate Films.

The project brought together students in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 5 to create stories about the environment and looking after nature.  After creating stories and scripts for short films, students worked with professional musicians and composers to composer, perform and record musical soundtracks for the finished movies.

Lights, Camera, Score is a concept devised by Dan’s team to promote instrumental learning and composition in schools.  Dan is delighted with the results and is looking forward to running more LCS projects around the UK throughout 2021.

We would like to thank THAMES, Rich Mix and Chocolate Films for their support and also our media partners Three Stones Media, Unanico Animation Studios and Directors Cut Films.

For more information about the ‘Pic ‘n’ Mix – Green Tower Hamlets’ project, see more on the Rich Mix website.

The finished videos can be watched below. Enjoy!

The Billy’s Band Team!

Lights Camera Score is supported Arts Council England.

Billy’s Band is #hereforcutlure!





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