Happy New Year!

Billy and the Band have been busy with preparations to make 2021 more musical than ever!

Billy, Dan Newell and the Little People Big Noise team would like to thank all the musicians, creatives, young people, teachers, cultural organisations and families who have helped keep the band ‘in tune’ during 2020!

In January we will be giving world premieres to four student films that are the product of our first ever Lights Camera Score project.  We will also be announcing some exciting new partnerships, more Billy’s Band events and further editions of Lights Camera Score.

It is an extremely challenging time for musicians and the whole cultural sector right now.  Dan is more determined than ever to create opportunities for our young people to make music of the highest quality.

Billy’s Band is #HEREFORCUTLURE and would like to wish you all…

A Happy New Year! 🥳

The Billy’s Band Team!

Little People Big Noise is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.  The ‘Here for Culture’ campaign aims to build a positive movement uniting member of the public and people right across the creative sector to voice their support for the arts and culture.

Lights Camera Score is supported by Arts Council England.