Lights Camera Score 2023

THAMES 2023: The Gazillium Music Machine

Young people around the UK working alongside the nation’s finest musical talents to make music and create soundtracks for animated stories that celebrate their lives and their communities.

Lights Camera Score: 2023
During 2023, Little People Big Noise teamed up with English Chamber Orchestra Close Encounters to continue our long-term partnership with THAMES – The Tower Hamlets Music Service.


In May 2023, LPBN and the English Chamber Orchestra invited students from across the borough of Tower Hamlets to visit Cadogan Hall to witness the world premier of Oswald Ourania and the Gazillium Music Machine – a unique new work commissioned by ECO & Little People Big Noise, written by Sophia Thakur & Sally Herbert.


The Gazillium Music Machine provided the inspiration for this year’s Lights Camera Score films and music scores.

Set in a fictional world, Oswald is the puppet master of the City Theatre – a place where amazing stories are brought to life by puppets. Oswald is a musician who breathes life into the theatre’s puppet animals by conjuring up musical songs and tunes on his Gazillium Music Machine. The theatre’s shows are one of the biggest attractions in the city and audiences come from far and wide.
This specially composed Sally Herbert music score brings the musical adventure to life and shows how musical instruments and how musical textures (contemporary and traditional) give vitality to storytelling. The music delivers us to a space where film score meets concert stage. At its heart, Oswald and the Gazillium Music Machine feeds into the needs of instrumental music educators wherever they practise their skills.


Incorporated into our Lights Camera Score programme The Gazillium Music Machine inspired an amazing array of musical contributions and student films delivered as part of the Lights Camera Score activities. In addition, the Cadogan stage also provides an opportunity to celebrate work completed by students in previous editions of the Lights Camera Score project.


Alongside the world premier of The Gazillium Music Machine we were delighted that our partners at ECO also debuted an upscaled version of Amelia & The Robot. This unique opportunity saw a student composition accompanying a student script brought to life with amazing animation and professional performance from the musicians of the English Chamber Orchestra.

Participating Primary Schools


Lansbury Lawrence Primary School


Manorfield Primary School


St. Luke’s C.E. Primary School


Stepney Greencoat Primary School


St. Paul’s Way Trust School

In addition to the school projects, the LPBN team once again worked with area wide ensembles at the Saturday (SMC) and Wednesday (WMC) Music Centres.

Thank you
We would like to thank all the students, teacher, THAMES tutors and Lights Camera Score musicians & composers for their superb contributions for this wonderful project.

LCS THAMES 2023 has been funded by the English Chamber Orchestra, THAMES Friends, and the Tower Hamlets Arts Education Fund. With support from Three Stones Media and Little People Big Noise.

If you would like to know about The Gazillium Music Machine or Lights Camera Score please get in touch.